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John Cosgrove is a recognized expert in various aspects of computer technology and related services. He has published and given courses and presentations on software systems development, particularly, hardware/software interface, real-time and safety or mission critical systems. He has also published, lectured and given courses on software development methods, engineering ethics and litigation involving computer technology.

White papers, publications and forensic exemplars. 

Computer Examination Methods -- White paper description of methods used in examination of computer resident data which may be evidence (PDF, 16KB)

Exemplar Deposition Questions - Example of proposed deposition questions for examining counsel in support of discovery of technology issues (PDF, 14KB)
Exemplar Summary Points -- Example summary of a future expert opinion in preparation for deposition or testimony (PDF, 14KB)
Software Engineering and the Law -- Article in the May/June 2001 Issue of IEEE Software magazine (PDF, 180KB)
Software Engineering and Litigation –- Chapter in 2002 “Encyclopedia of Software Engineering. This is an expanded version of the article appearing in IEEE “Software” magazine above (PDF, 46KB)
Electronic Evidence Discovery -– Article from Federal Discovery News (PDF, 21KB)
Software Value Estimate -- White paper description of economic model and methods used to estimate business value of software-intensive intellectual property (PDF, 14KB)
Exemplar Report showing results of source code comparison to determine reuse of software intellectual property (PDF, 121KB)
Proposed Model Rule on Electronic Discovery Draft guidelines for discovery of computer-resident evidence (PDF, 373KB)
QBA E-Discovery Guidelines - Ontario Bar Association overview of electronic discovery guidelines, published in the Sedona Principles. (PDF, 189KB)
Sedona Principles EDiscovery - Principles for electronic discovery. (PDF, 643KB)
Lectures and Graduate Courses
Mr. Cosgrove has taught a graduate-level engineering course, “Engineering the Software Product,” for UCLA and Loyola Marymount in addition to numerous short courses nationwide, offered by major educational institutions such as USC, GWU and two campuses of California State University. He currently gives the software engineering portion of the undergraduate Engineering Ethics course each quarter at UCLA. He has authored and delivered many papers, articles, and lectures on software litigation, project management, software business issues, and computer safety. A recent article “Software Engineering and the Law” was published in the IEEE Computer Society “Software” magazine in May/June 2001. He also authored the chapter on “Software Engineering & Litigation” in the upcoming edition of “Encyclopedia of Software Engineering” published by John Wiley & Sons.

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